Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to attend OutPost? OutPost is totally FREE! We operate solely on your generous donations.

Is Child-Care available? Yes- care is provided for newborns thru age 10 in June; and potty-trained pre-schoolers thru age 10 in July. Childcare is free. Please arrive 15 minutes before program starts to drop-off your child(ren).

Do I have to sign-up or pre-register? You do not need to sign-up; simply register onsite when you arrive. Please arrive early to register if you are a first time attendee.

What should I wear? Casual attire is appropriate.

Where do I park and enter? In June, @ AHUMC, parking is most easily entered off of Forest Rd, with a larger parking area behind the church. There will be greeters at the three doors we use, and all parking lots connect. All entrances are easily accessible with no stair climbing required. In July, @ MVCA, parking is accessed off of School St. There will be greeters at the two doors we use. One door and lot is in front, the other door and lot is just past the school near the church.

Are beverages and snacks permitted where the program is held? Yes, arrive in time to grab a light refreshment, register, and then enjoy the presentation.