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Women's Ministries a gathering of women committed to encouraging, motivating, challenging, and developing our walk with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are a lifelong follower of Christ, or still unsure of your relationship with Him, these gatherings will point you in the right direction.



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Carla Gasser

How to Reconnect when Feeling Disconnected

Seeking Jesus at the PLACE of Connection, Serving others on the PATH of Connection, and Supporting one another by becoming PEOPLE of Connection.

Carla has been teaching, speaking, and writing for over 10 years. Her passions include mentoring, teaching Bible study, local outreach to victims of sex trafficking, and hosting OASIS, a summer outreach ministry. On her website AT THE CROSSROADS, Carla shares her blog.

Lisabeth "Liz" Kleinfeldt Kaeser

Eating by Faith

A Walk With God. My Eating Disorder From The Inside Out

Liz lives in Terrace Park with her husband, three loving dogs and one cat. She is blessed to live in the same city as her two sons, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter.When she isn't writing or spending time with the Lord, she enjoys running, swimming, skiing or just sitting on the dock on Walloon Lake, Michigan. Lisabeth works with The Tri-State Eating Disorders Resource Team to raise awareness about eating disorders and speaks frequently to groups about her relapse, recovery and redemption.Liz was recently interviewed on Nite Line Christian TV. You can see the episode on You Tube. She has written a book titled, 'EATING BY FAITH' (A walk with God, my eating disorder from the inside out)  Her book can be purchased in the hallway.

Brenda B Benzar

Finding Christ in the midst of Brokenness and Divorce”

"How surviving many life challenges, including a fraudulent marriage, tried me and broke me, but triumphed into my greatest blessing.”

Brenda worked as Assistant Director Laboratory Medicine until she co-founded “eyeglasses in an hour” on her dining room table. Mother, vintage car racer and volunteer, she did not see Amazing Grace woven throughout the “highs” & “lows” in life. Telling her story is something Brenda NEVER thought she would do.

Vickie Gaynier

"The Titanic... The Lost and the Saved”

The Lord God oftentimes sends men and women who love Him into dangerous situations.  But He is always with them.  The Lord uses them there to be a light to shine His saving grace to a lost and dying world. Such was the case for the Titanic.

Vickie has used her drama training from CCM to perform dramatic presentations of women from the ancient ages to the present age for various groups around the country and internationally.

Amy Reger

A Father’s Heart 

My journey to finding His true heart for us and learning to be loved. 

Amy grew up in Bradenton, FL., and started in ministry on YoungLife staff out of graduate school. In 2004 she moved to Cincinnati to lead the student ministry at Horizon Community Church. She became Family Ministry Director there in 2015 and continues to serve in that role. She lives in Milford with her husband, Steve, and their sons.

Elaine Beeler


The presence and power of Jesus Christ enabled Elaine to overcome family tragedies, addictions, mental illness, and the loss of her child.


Elaine is a Christian therapist recently retired from Lifeway and pro- life ministry, now an Inner Healing Freedom Counselor at WttW-Deeper Living Center.